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Courses Key Features

Effective Lessons

Online learning will compel you to develop self-discipline skills such as time management and project management. You can leverage time management tools to schedule your time and activities using an online calendar. These lifelong skills will impact every aspect of your life.

Planned Curriculum

Online professional  and interdisciplinary learning resources are designed to be engaging and practical across a variety of contexts and roles. You deserve a differentiated experience just as much as your students do.Click this text to edit. Use this space to describe your service for your visitor. Try to keep this description nice and short.

Video Training

Videos help address different learning styles ; some people are highly visual learners and find it difficult to visualize information through narration alone.Videos provide more control ; learners can pause videos and repeat or skip sections as needed and they can watch on their own time. and also helps to facilitate critical thinking and problem-solving ;

In Person Instruction

Physical Classes will resume pending  the Federal Governments' guidelines to Social Distancing in the State of Georgia . Classes will be held in Conyers, GA for those who would like to attend in person

Additional interdisciplinary curriculum offered with all courses

Electronic Medical Record Technology

      Electronic Records Technology 

Electronic Medical Records Technology An electronic medical record includes information about a patient's health history, such as diagnoses, medicines, tests, allergies, immunizations, and treatment plans. The EMR is integrated with other information technology vital to patient care 

Infection Control

             Infectious Disease and Control 

In lieu of the emergence of the Coronavirus, all allied health professionals will be required to participate  in the Infection Control and Management training. for the following

Bacterial and Viral Infectious diseases

Radio logical Preparedness and Emergency Response 

Pathogenic Infections


        Job Readiness and Employment 

COVID 19 Coronovirus has expedited the need for Allied Health trained workforce that can and should be immobilized in response to this public health crisis. There is precedent for innovative change in allied health education during times of extraordinary need. Our accelerated program is being introduced in response to this crisis. Resume writing and employment search is provided 

Please call us to inquire about our waiting list

(470)  504-3619 

 email: [email protected]